About Classy Me

I’ve attempted writing this section about six different times. Three out of the six times, I’ve written the singular “monkey” when I meant to write “monkeys.”

My name is Allie and I love monkey.

(I hope “monkey” isn’t a euphemism for something gross, but I bet it is.)

27 thoughts on “About Classy Me

      1. littlemissbluebird

        Found you on the front page “freshly pressed” LOVE your blog. you remind me of my sister, the funniest person I know. When I read your blogs I imagine her voice telling these stories to me. Thanks! ❤ and keep on posting, I love it!

  1. Saxon Davis

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that you’re Freshly Pressed post was awesome and today being the boring-at-the-office day that it is, I decided to scroll through your other posts too. Interesting and funny, every one of them.

  2. wortenoggle

    Do your parents know you write stuff like this? (Actually, it was your mother who showed me your site. I’ve known your mother and father since the early 1970s.) I enjoy your humor and insights immensely. I could see a TV show based on this blog.

    1. aconn464 Post author

      They do! They’re usually the first people to read it after I write a post. Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it! Hope to see you next time you’re in Maine!

  3. Bender

    I got here because of your monkeys. There are good monkeys and BAD monkeys. And sometimes there good monkeys doing bad things. So I think you are OK either way. If you like good monkeys (and cartoons) check out God’s Monkeys at godsmonkeys.wordpress.com


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