Una Jarcha de Amor

Two years ago, I started experimenting with Spanish poetry. Since I’m so artistic and deep and everything, the majority of my experiments fared pretty well. The most successful, I’d say, were my jarchas — short, sassy love poems. Here was my crowning glory (continue reading for the English translation):

Madre, hermanas y amigas, escúchame,
por favor, escúchame.
Mi amado se fue,
y ahora, quiero morir.

No sé sus razones.
No explicó a mí.
La sola cosa que yo sé
es quiero morir

Le amo con toda mi corazón.
Pasé todos mis días con él.
 ¿Me comprendes, madre?
Este hombre fue mi mundo.

Pero ahora no tengo un mundo.
No he comido desde se fue,
no voy a comer.
Voy a llorar por la pérdida del mi querido.

Para el resto de mi vida,
Lloraré por mi amado.
Mis ojos nunca se secarán.
Tendré dos mares sobre mi cara.

Porque le amo, le amo, le amo
Y me odio.

Its English translation:

Mother, sisters and (female) friends, listen,
please listen to me.
My beloved is gone,
and now I want to die.

I do not know his reasons.
He did not explain them to me.
The only thing I know
is I want to die

I love him with all my heart.
I spent all my days with him.
Do you understand, mother?
This man was my world.

But now I don’t have a world.
I have not eaten since he left,
I will not eat.
I will mourn the loss of my dear.

For the rest of my life,
I will cry for my beloved.
My eyes will never dry.
I will have two oceans on my face.

Because I love him, love him, love him
And I hate myself.

P.S. This masterpiece of shiz was actually for a Spanish literature class my junior year of college. Imagine how proud I felt when I got to read it aloud to my peers!

P.P.S. It’s about Patrick Stump.

My best (and only) action figure is also about Patrick Stump. Thanks, Gregg!

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