Dear Mom and Dad (a puppy proposal)

Mom and dad, Jackie and Tim. Seeing as I live in your home, I have a favor to ask of you.

Please let me get a dog.

I know what you’re thinking. “Allie, you are not responsible enough. You don’t cook your own dinner, iron your own shirts, or charge your own electric toothbrush.”

You’re right – I don’t. I’m bad at cooking and cleaning and charging teethbrushes. I don’t do any domestic ish. You know who else doesn’t do domestic ish? A dog.

My future best friend/dog, who I’ve tentatively named Jacktimlyn, will not like cooking or cleaning or brushing teeth, either. Fortunately I do not have to cook dog food (though I do intend to huff it, socially). Dogs don’t wear clothing so I’ll never have to worry about laundry. And I’ll get Jacktimlyn a non-electric toothbrush.

You might say, “Allie, we already have Chico. Isn’t he enough?”

Again, you are right. I love Chico very much – he’s more than enough puppy for one family. But, mom, Chico is yours. He’ll never love me as much as he loves you. You take him to Connecticut with you all the time — I barely see him these days! (And when Chico is at home, he’ll have a buddy to play with!)

You might say, “When Chico isn’t in Connecticut you complain about taking him for walks.”

This time you’re only partially right. I complain about taking Chico for walks at night. I am afraid of the dark. Are You Afraid of the Dark? You should be, because as soon as the sun goes down the men start a-lurking. We live across from a bar! And a tattoo parlor! You know the type of people around our home. And you know how tiny Chico is. He’s smaller than a baby! What would we do if someone tried to abduct the pair of us? We would be defenseless. Jacktimlyn will be a golden retriever. Goldens are a large breed; troublesome men will be sure to leave us alone.

“Your baby daughter will be safe with me.” Via Flickr

You might say, “You work and do activities and things. We will be stuck caring for your dog.”

Don’t think of it as being stuck, think of it as an employment opportunity!  Dad, you work at home. If you agree, I will happily pay you to walk Jacktimlyn when I’m at work. We can discuss an hourly rate, and I can pay a full year in advance. Wow! How lucrative this could be for you!

Dolla dolla bills, dad.

If you cannot agree, father, that is okay. You think there are no other working, activity-ing people who own dogs? There are, I assure you! Billions, maybe trillions of them! Jacktimlyn can get a nice long walk before I go to work and then another couple walks when I get home, in addition to fun play sessions. Plus, many of my activities are dog-friendly, especially for a well-behaved dog like Jacktimlyn is sure to be.

Finally, you might say, “Dogs tie you down. Don’t you talk about how you want to travel?”

I talk about wanting to travel, but only to make myself sound cool and important. Traveling makes me nervous and hungry, and I don’t have a desire to do much of it. If I ever decide to move to a different state, I’ll have a lovely companion to come with. And anyway, dad, didn’t you get a dog (a golden, I believe?) when you were 23? Didn’t you move to Hawaii after you bought him? Wasn’t he the best trained dog you ever owned?

Obviously, dog ownership is a big responsibility. Here is a list of things I promise to do, and how I’ll do them. They are open for negotiation.

  • Pay for everything: Jacktimlyn, the vet, food, training, grooming, and toys. I will not buy Jacktimlyn until I have many thousands of doll hairs saved. Pending your approval, I will get Jacktimlyn next spring. This means I can ask for puppy paraphernalia for Christmas and my birthday. How easy gift shopping for me will be!
  • Keep the house clean. I will vacuum and sweep the main living areas twice a week. That means every year, I will vacuum and sweep 104 times. That is approximately 103 more times than I currently vacuum and sweep.
  • Keep Jacktimlyn clean. I will bathe him when he needs it, brush him weekly, and pet the crap out of him daily.
  • Care for him. Cause if you let me, here’s what I’ll do: I’ll take care of you Jacktimlyn.

Mom, if you help me convince dad I’ll give you free reign of my Facebook account for as long as it exists.

Dad, you know what kind of vehicle can’t accommodate a dog? A scooter. Also, I promise I’ll never ask you to cut your hair again.


P.S. If you don’t let me I’m going to get a sleeve of tattoos.
P.P.S. Just kidding, I’m not that spiteful.
P.P.P.S. But know that I could.
Another P.S. If anyone other than my mom and dad are reading this, please show your support of my dog ownership. For Jacktimlyn’s sake.

16 thoughts on “Dear Mom and Dad (a puppy proposal)

  1. workfortreats

    I’d like to speak on the note of working people with dogs. I am 24 years old, live in the city with my boyfriend in Houston ina 1250 sq loft style apartment on the 4th floor. We both have full time jobs and are gone for at least 8 hours a day Monday through Friday. In addition, we have not one, but TWO, full grown Border Collies living with us in our apartment, PLUS a foster puppy (also a Border Collie). Excessive? Maybe…but we love dogs.

    Keep in mind that Border Collies are a VERY high energy breed. We find plenty of time to exercise them via dog parks, running, and walks. It definitely can be done and you’ve clearly thought out carefully what owning a dog entails. I say go for it…but check out your local shelters and rescue groups before you go to a breeder!

    Also, last note: Golden Retrievers are one of those breeds that take a LONG time to mature. Plan on your full grown dog acting like a puppy for up to three years.

    Good Luck!!!

    1. aconn464 Post author

      You’ve made me feel a lot more confident about working full-time and owning a dog — thank you! Hope your pups are doing well 🙂

  2. Blondie

    I enjoyed reading your post! I brought home my Golden Doodle Arie home in July. He is a golden retriever and standard poodle mix. I love him to death!
    Check out my blog- his pictures would convince anyone to get a dog. 🙂 I hope you get your dog, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my dog now that I have him. I have wanted a dog since I left for college and now that I am done and have my own place I love it. 🙂

  3. Robin Davis

    Hey Allie, I have an idea: ask your parents for a Caucasian Shepherd. Then, after they get over their heart attacks (mild ones, non habit forming), you can say “No, how about a Golden Retriever instead?” They will say yes for sure! And by the way, I remember Tim’s Golden pretty well…great dog!
    p.s. I want a Caucasian Shepherd really really really a lot. I probably will never have one. But they are amazing.

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  5. John

    Hi I am john I live with my girlfriend in a 6 room villa and I have 8 dogs-cavalier King Charles spaniel,blue lacy,dachshund,beagle,Labrador ,Maltese,Yorkshire .at first my dad was are you crazy fucking 8 dogs but I was like I want it and I will adopt them it cost me something around 70,000 bucks


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