Whenever I check out other people’s iPhones, I feel like I’m not taking advantage of my own. While they have pages and pages of folders and folders, I don’t have much more than the standard applications. In fact, other than regular phone functions, the feature I use most is Notes.

Right now, I have 52 notes stored in my phone. Though I might be underusing the rest of my iPhone, I’m at least glad I have a place to keep my thoughts.

#1: Kara sleep talking:

I don't know which sister had construction on their house and didn't tell me about it

#11: A great rhyme idea for a rap song:

Please don't steal this

#13: Trying to figure out giants:

Who doesn't like a good children's book?

#24: Using Usher’s “Confessions” to express my views on the RA job:

Who wants to hit tha studio?

#30: Kara sleep talking again:

I guess I wanted to remember that I found this funny at the time

#52: Just a reminder:

"Don't join"

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