ABCs Part II

In a post a two weeks ago, I asked you to guess the theme, other than my home state, my “ABCs of Maine” poems shared. I’ve realized the hints I gave were way too subtle, so this is to help anyone who didn’t get it.

1. My two favorite Barbie dolls (and the only ones I would play with) were named Aaliyah and Jay.

Aaliyah and Jay's modern day counterparts

2. Jake, my best friend in elementary school, gave me a suggestive Michael Jordan card for Valentine’s Day.

He knew me so well

3. When I was eight, I sent Missy Elliot a letter. I thanked her for teaching me to appreciate flies. Seriously.

We so tight that you get our styles tangled

4. Addy was my American Girl (I got her and her sad bed for Christmas one year! And I know what you’re thinking — an American girl and her bed for the same Christmas?! That’s what happens when your parents let you sleep through your favorite part of Christmas day — Christmas dinner. You get a bowl of chocolate ice cream and an extra present to make up for it).

Nice kicks

5. When I was four or five, the type of boy I told my family I liked best was “big, black, muscle-y men.”

I first did a Google image search for "big black muscle men" for #5's picture. I don't recommend you do the same... ever. Just stick with 50 Cent.

Figure it out?

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