Funged up

A couple of weeks ago I claimed that clams ruined my life.

I lied! They didn’t ruin my life, they just funked it up real good. Funged it up, actually.

Ever since my weekend of clamming, my skin’s been acting a fool. It started with chigger bites and its accompanying lady lymph infection, and now it’s spreading all over my body. I’m currently nursing 30-40 clear warts on my hands, a couple of itchtastic welts on my big toes, and some seriously fungusy-looking rings on my elbows. They’re itchy, they’re fungly, they’re scary, and even though they’re beautifully symmetric, they’re the dirtiest bastards I’ve ever met. They make cold sores look like cankers, for goodness’ sake!

I hate you, rash

I have no idea what’s wrong with me, so I’ve been asking everyone I know what they think it could be. I’ve consulted my family, my friends, Dr. Lloyd (who turned out to be an assistant to a ultrasound technician or something), Google, a pharmacist with neat ears, and a lady in scrubs in the card aisle at Target.

Now it’s your turn. What you think this ish be? Ringworm? Celiac disease? (I was going to write leprosy, but the thought scares me too much).

7 thoughts on “Funged up

  1. Princess

    It kinda looks like an infection, or maybe an allergy. It might be that you ate something wrong. You should really go to the dermatologist, it’s not just a pimple.

  2. Adam Spivey

    Are you still taking the antibiotics?? I’ve known some people that get some odd skin rashes and irritations from antibiotics.. just a thought. I’m no doctor or dermatologist obviously. Just my thoughts. Best of luck.

    P.s. I love your stories and your openness!! (Especially about your “inability to be ashamed of your poop” or something like that you said in an earlier post..

    1. aconn464 Post author

      Hahaha it is an older post, but I still sometimes have strange skin flare ups on my elbows. I appreciate the suggestion you gave!

      And thank you for the nice words! Inability to be ashamed of my poop… sounds about right hahaha.

  3. Adam Spivey

    Lol forget my last comment. My attention to detail isnt the greatest at times. This post is apparently like two years old lol I just get consumed in my reading and don’t think that its been there for years. I only recently discovered this blog and began reading, therefore it is current according to me! Haha anyway. Yeah. Well, until I say something stupid again w/o realizing the date of a post..take care.

  4. Elbows

    Hey! Did you ever figure out what this was? It looks IDENTICAL to what is going on currently on my skin and my GP doesn’t know what it is. Getting a dermatologist appointment right now.

    1. classygallie Post author

      Oh! And just FYI—I still sometimes get the elbow rashes (granuloma), even though the first breakout was a few years ago. I don’t even bother using cream on it now, just let it go away on its own.


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